20 quotes about life

20 Beautiful quotes about life

20 quotes about life

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We all know that life comes with some unbelievable ups and downs. It may seem at times that things can become unbearable. But it is at this time, that you will find the strength that you need to push through. I personally believe that life will only send things that you can overcome, you just have to make sure you keep working hard to get what you want.

I send love and hope to all that are reading this and may these quotes help you to stay motivated and stron

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1- You need the darkness to see the stars. The hardest parts will make you appreciate the peace.

20 motivational quotes

2- The only thing that is promised is what we have right now. Don’t take life for granted, start now.

20 quotes to motivate

3- Even with tears in her eyes, she whispers “I’ve got this.

20 motivational quotes

4- Trust the timings in your life. Things are sent to make us stronger.

trust the timings in your life

5- You are what you do. Not what you say you will do. Although your obstacles may seem big, you are strong enough to move them.

motivational quotes

6- The lion never loses sleep over the opinion of the sheep. Be strong and Be yourself.

the lion never sleeps over the opinion of the sheep

7- It’s far better to be a lonely wolf than a popular sheep. Always be yourself, you are one of a kind.

motivational quotes

8- I don’t know how I will win, but I know that losing isn’t an option. You can beat this.

20 motivational quotes

9- First they will watch, then they will hate, then they will copy. Don’t be the sheep, make them follow you.

20 motivational quotes for all occasions

10- She might be hating, but bitch is taking notes. Be so amazing that people want to be you.

20 quotes to inspire and motivate

11- Feel free to copy me, but you will always be 2 steps behind. Even the darkness nights have to end.

motivational quotes

12- The world will send you obstacles so you can show others that they can be moved. Show the world how to be strong.

20 motivational quotes for all occasions
don't quit quotes

13- It may seem slow, but quitting won’t make it go any faster. Keep going. You’ve got this.

don't quit quotes

14- Some days are just hard. It’s okay to have hard days. Don’t forget to rest.

20 quotes about life

15- It’s the storms that help the trees grow stronger. Your obstacles will make you a stronger person.

20 motivational quotes about life

16- It won’t rain forever my darling. The rain will stop, just like the hard times in your life. Your struggles are what mould you.

quotes to motivate

17. In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.

20 quotes about life for all occasions

18. Broken crayons still colour. Don’t write yourself off because of a bad time in your life. Even the most broken people smile.

20 quotes about life and motivation

19. People aren’t too hard to understand, if they do it once, they will do it again. Be careful who you trust, most people aren’t routing for you.

20 quotes to inspire and motivate

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20 quotes about life, motivation and people

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