What is the 5 Gift rule? A complete guide on how to make this Christmas much cheaper and easier. Everything you need for the perfect Christmas. Fun and exciting gift ideas that Children will love.

What is the 5 gift rule? Christmas 2021 gift guide

What is the 5 Gift rule? A complete guide on how to make this Christmas much cheaper and easier. Everything you need for the perfect Christmas. Fun and exciting gift ideas that Children will love.

What is the 5 gift rule?
Christmas guide 2021

Welcome to our post on What is the 5 gift rule and how this simple rule will help you make Christmas perfect and a lot more relaxing.
As Christmas comes closer, it’s easy to forget the most important part of this holiday. Without a doubt, Christmas should be used as a time to reflect on the good things throughout the year and to appreciate the people that matter the most in our lives. However, it is very easy to get caught up in filling the day with expensive gifts and treats and spending your whole time shopping when you should be relaxing.
As well as this, many people find themselves in debt and without money once Christmas has passed.
In order to avoid this, why not stick to the 5 gift rule to make your Christmas much easier and cheaper.


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What is the 5 gift rule?

On the whole, the 5 gift rule is a very simple plan that will make your Christmas much easier and stress free. Instead of buying a huge amount of gifts in order to fill up the space under the tree, you limit to 5 items. In addition to this, each of these 5 gifts all belong to a separate category, which will overall make the perfect gift collection.
These categories include:

  • Something they want
  • Something to wear
  • Something to do
  • Something they need
  • Something to read.

As well as making Christmas easier, this simple plan will work for anyone and the categories can be changed to suit your family and friends.
Below, we have outlined some gift ideas for Children to help you fill your categories.

What is the 5 Gift rule? A complete guide on how to make this Christmas much cheaper and easier. Everything you need for the perfect Christmas. Fun and exciting gift ideas that Children will love.
What is the 5 gift rule. Must have, top 10 toys for Christmas 2021. Make Christmas perfect with these must have toys and games.

Something they want- 5 gift rule

To begin the 5 gift rule, we start will something that they want. On the whole, this is classed as the “big” present and more often than not, this is usually a toy or something to play with. As well as this, it is also fun to spend some time discussing with your child about what they really want for Christmas.
However, if your child is too young to choose what they would like, or if they are unable to make their mind up, we have compiled a list of the TOP 10 most wanted toys and playsets.


1- Rainbow High dolls. 

Without a doubt, these are one of the most popular doll sets this Christmas. Original fashion 6 pack with Violet, Ruby, Sunny, Skyler, Poppy and Jade. 11/27 cm poseable dolls with matching outfits, shoes and accessories. A wonderful way for your children to use their imagination.

2- Harry Potter Lego playsets
 Another way for your children to use their imagination and help them let out their creative side is with Lego. This amazing Harry Potter Lego set is perfect at keeping kids entertained.. Hogwarts Great hall castle Lego building set. The perfect gift for wizard lovers.
3- Barbie Dream House

Next, we move onto this Beautiful Dolls house with realistic features, including a working elevator, party room with DJ booth, second story slide complete with pool. As well as this, there is also a puppy play area with its very own pool and slide. Once again, this is a fantastic way to encourage children you use their imagination through play.

4- Vtech 2 in 1 sports centre

Fourth on our list, we have an Amazing 2 in 1 sports centre. As well as being the perfect interactive toy, it is also full of bright colours and fun sounds. In addition to this, it is also educational and encourages independent play. Over all this is a perfect gift for 12-36 Months. Fur

5- Giant Batcave Playset

Without a doubt, Batman is an all time favourite with kids, and once again this is a winner. A giant, transforming Batman playset with figures and accessories. As with others mentioned above, this playset encourages children to use their imagination through role play. 

6- Paw patrol the movie Ultimate city playset

This Paw Patrol the movie playset is once again a must have for kids this year. Complete with chase. Simply pull the handle down to extend the tower’s ramp and launch vehicles into action. Not only does this tower light up and make sounds, but it also stands at an astounding 91cm tall. Again, this is the perfect toy to encourage children to play both independently or also with someone else and is fantastic for the imagination.

7- Nintendo Switch 

Shopping for older kids can be very difficult. However the Nintendo switch is the perfect gift to keep them entertained this year. Not only can they play the switch on their own, but they can also play multiplayer with friends. As well as this, this gift is a great way to help co-ordination and improve reaction time. 

8-Little Live pets go to go Turdle

Next we move onto the fun and exciting interactive plush turtle. Not only is this turtle hilarious, but it also wriggles poops and talks to keep your children entertained. Also included is some reusable food that can be pooped out time and time again. Furthermore, this turtle is great for teaching children nurturing skills and encourages play.


9- LOL OMG Doll assortment

Without a doubt, these sassy and fashionable dolls have been popular with children for a couple of years now. Not only do these dolls shine with personality but they also encourage children to interact and play. As well as this, this set comes with 70 fun and fabulous surprises ready to unbox individually. 
Furthermore, once unboxed, you will find the ultimate movie theatre playset with exciting 3D experiences. Complete with 2 OMG dolls, 6 LOL Surprise dolls, 2 Pets and 2 Lil Sister. Perfect for ages 4+ and will usually cost between £100-£150 


10-2 in 1 Play kitchen and diner set

Last but not least, we come to one of my personal favourites; the 2 in 1 play kitchen and diner set. As well as a fun kitchen to prepare all of their food, they can also enjoy serving out the meals at their own personal diner. 
In addition, this amazing kitchen set also comes with multifunctional equipment such as: pots, pans, condiment bottles, table wear, removable sink, stoves and an oven. Overall, this is an exciting, educational toy and due to it being double sided, gives children plenty of places to play. Usually costs around £110

2- Something they need- 5 gift rule

Number 2 on our 5 gift rule for Christmas, we come to; Something that they need.
Overall, this is my favourite category as it allows us to buy them something that may help with a new lift stage, or even their learning. However, if you are struggling with this category, here are a few items.


1- New lunch box or school bag

Without a doubt, a new school bag or lunch box is not only something that they need, but is also a lovely gift to receive. On the whole, you can find lunch boxes and bags in a huge variety of different designs and colours, therefore, you will always find one to suit everyone. In addition to this, you can find a large range of lunch boxes and school bags HERE.

2- Stationary 
Another gift that children of most ages will want and need is stationary. As well as this, there is a large range of different stationary sets available to suit all different personalities. You can find amazing stationary HERE
3- Hat, scarf and gloves

The next gift idea that children need is a hat, scarf and gloves set. Although you could count this as something to wear, I would however say they are more of a necessity. Furthermore, once again you can find them in many different design and colours and are perfect for children of any age. 

4- Bedding set
Moving on, we come to bedding sets. As with the others above, this is something that children will need and also enjoy receiving. As well as normal, patterned bedding, you can also find fluffy bedding to give that extra comfort during the winter months. Not only this, but you can also purchase ones that glow in the dark, making them even more exciting. You can find these HERE


3- Something they can read (or watch)

Another category in the 5 gift rule, is something they can read. Again, this is one that is very popular in our house as we love to read and also love movie nights. Not only are books good to read alone, but they are also a fun a relaxing way to spend time with your children. Additionally, you can find thousands of books to suit every age group, making it also a very easy gift. 
However, if you have younger children that can’t read yet, you can also find a huge range of amazing, talking books that will read the book along with your little one. Alternatively, you could also get a film or box set and spend time watching them as a family on Christmas day.
Some of popular books and book sets this year include:

1- Gangsta granny strikes again!

The amazing and hilarious sequel to David Walliams Gangsta granny. The perfect book for older children. As well as being a fun book to read, it will mot definatly keep the reader wanting more.

2- Start to read book set

A bright and colourful collection of books for children learning to read. 52 book collection to read a long with your children. Full off beautiful illustrations and easy to read fonts, these are a must have book set.

3-kids me reader

Another perfect book set to gift this year is a me reader. Not only is this available in a huge selection of story sets, but they are also a fun and exciting way to help children read. Complete with 8 books to choose from, simply choose a book  and the me reader will read it out loud. You can find a huge range on me readers HERE.

4- Something to wear

Next, we move onto something to wear. Without a doubt, this is most definitely the category that I find hard to buy only one of, as I just love children’s clothing. For this reason, I normally buy a special Christmas outfit such as a top and trousers or top and coat etc. Although there are many shops out there to buy beautiful children’s clothing, here are a few of our all time favourites. 

1- Everything £5 

A beautiful selection of children’s shoes and accessories for all ages. As well as this, everything is £5: making Christmas cost even less. 

2- Boots

As well as doing a huge range of perfume and makeup, Boots is also full of amazing must haves for children, and one of these things is clothing. Not only are boots clothes affordable, but they are also made from beautiful fabrics and cover a large age range. Additionally, they also sell some stunning pyjamas and nightwear.

Beautiful must have Children's clothing. Stunning must have clothing for children and babiesd accessories at affordable prices
3- Etsy

Unlike the other shops mentioned above, Etsy is full of stunning one of a kind and bespoke clothing for adults, children and babies. As these clothing and accessories have been made from home with lots of love, they tend to be a little more expensive. However, buying from Etsy is helping small business’s and the clothing is not being mass made. Due to this, the clothing and accessories available are made much better and are simply unique. Furthermore, if you would like to purchase the rompers shows in the image, CLICK HERE

Something to do

Last but not least on our guide to What is the 5 gift rule, we come to “something they can do”
Not only do craft projects and hobbies help with concentration and co-ordination, but it also gives children a sense of achievement when they complete it. Overall, there are thousands of fun an exciting hobbies and craft sets on the market. However, here are 5 of our favourites.

1- 3D Cardboard colouring playhouse

This fun and exciting, cardboard playhouse is guaranteed to keep children entertained. Not only will this help to improve their practical skills through assembling this amazing castle, but it will also boost their creativity by adding their own colours and designs. As well as this, it is also very easy to assemble and no tools are needed.

2- Colour- in Clothing and accessories

Another favourite craft that we love in our home is these beautiful, colour in clothing and accessories. Once again, these are a fantastic way for children to let out their creativity. In addition to this, these are also perfect as they get to wear what they have made. Perfect for children 2+. You can find a full range HERE

What is the 5 gift rule? The perfect craft gifts for children. Presents that children can do.
3- Jungle animal Felt sewing kit

Once again, this is a crafty gift that is good for co-ordination and developing skills. As well as this, these fabulous jungle animals will also encourage concentration and helps to keep children entertained without electronics.

4- Origami

Unlike some of the other ideas, these sets are fantastic as you can use this skill time and time again. Additionally, these are also great as they encourage children to learn an ancient art that has been around for years. Furthermore, you can buy origami sets in many different designs. You can find a large range HERE


Amazing Gifts for Children. Origami sets everyone will love. The perfect gift to do.
5- Desire Deluxe tie dye kit

Fun set of 18 vibrant colours to turn clothing and fabrics into works of art. Overall, this crafty gift is more suitable for older kids. As with many of the other ideas, this is a perfect way to give children a break from electronics. As well as this, this gift is sure to bring a sense of achievement when they create their masterpiece.

On the whole we hope this guide helps make Christmas that little bit easier and cheaper. As well as this, we also hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


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